Beginnings, Middles, & Endings Part II

“Over the course of the business, we hosted over 20,000 people in our little venue; groups of 15, 50, 100 people at a time. Workshop became a backdrop to TV shows, commercials, photo shoots for major brands, and welcomed a few notable public figures. It was more successful than I had dreamed possible, in a sense. But there's often another sense. And in that proverbial other sense, I was never comfortable.”

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Beginnings, Middles, & Endings: Part I

"I wonder sometimes if we had stopped there and were satisfied with being connected, or if we could have bottled up those days or recreated that season in a more sustainable model that the story would have been cleaner or that feeling would have lasted longer."

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Audio in which we discuss a series of emails I recently received...from the past. What does it all mean?

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(Relatively) New Year's Resolution

I could go on about how much time we spent producing the first episodes of the podcast, why they weren't quite right, and the reason it's taken so long even share that with you.

But instead, I'm going to tell you that I believe there are false starts that shouldn't stop you, that the slick perfect endings and beginnings we envision are usually more of a blurred line than a blank slate, and that moving forward with what you have right now, as little or fragile as it may be, sums up the ethos of Life In This Future pretty damn well. It's time to start somewhere, and I'm speaking to all of us. But mostly me.

Here's to baby steps, real life, and aiming for consistent drips over big splashes.

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The Great Myth Of Balance (From Forth Chicago)

You can invest in the care of the people around you — friends, family and neighbors. You remember birthdays and seem to always find that perfect gift that shows you truly know what makes that person tick. You respond to every Evite or Paperless Post RSVP even if you can’t make it because people depend on you to get an accurate head count so they know to make the appropriate number of meatballs and such.

You can do all of that. You really can.

But you can’t do it all at the same time.

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You Are A Human And You May Be Wrong About Yourself

You are not weird. You are not dumb. You are not lazy. It’s not too late.

You do not lack ambition, the right opportunity, the resources, the space, the time, the tools, or the talent.

The fact of the matter is this: you are really important and there are some things we need you to do, and it’s about time we all figure this out together.

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Choose Humanity

You feel like no one cares. No one can relate. No one is listening, or you wouldn’t know what to say if they were. 

You don’t have enough, and maybe never will. You need to get away, but have no idea where to go.

You’re not as good as him or her. Or them. 

You need something. You need help.

You need me.

 I need you, too.

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The Opposite Of Mine Is Ours

You can have all the money, all the things, and all the discretionary time, but someone will always force you to do something unpleasant, something undesirable, to sacrifice yourself for a less-than-worthy cause. It's inescapable in this life.

But what if we shifted our posture to one of sharing for the common good, sacrificing to improve the circumstances of others, becoming part of the stories that make life better for all of humanity? What would it look like to show that I realize my stuff was never really mine to begin with, and I'm ok with that?

What if the opposite of “mine” is “ours,” and that’s really the point of us being here at all?

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I'm A Workshop

Reconciling my imperfection is where I live. There’s always an opportunity for something to be made better, and I'm starting to believe that’s ok and rather lovely.  At best, my life will always be at the intersection of flawed and learning, a constant state of betterment. I have been provided tools and a setting to work in. I am the project. So in this metaphor, my life is like a workshop.

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Letter To My Future Self

Don’t forget that you only get today right now. That’s all you get.

You can try to live off a feeling you had recently, or try to recapture a moment from the past. But you don’t get yesterday again. You don’t get tomorrow, either. You only get to try to be that person you want to be today.

Your overall life story, like the one they tell at your funeral, is made up of little stories – a compilation of past todays. Yesterdays are footnotes, and tomorrows are just tentative stories and built on nothing but a foundation of thousands of todays anyway.

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In Memoriam: Human Feelings

I’m an adult man. And I would like to live in a world full of hugs, surrounded by people who care if my first day goes well, and to be free to share my real feelings and not apologize or feel shamed into hiding them.

We need each other’s help though, because this is a process and we don’t have much time to figure this out. We lose a little something everyday we spend holding it in.

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