You Are A Human And You May Be Wrong About Yourself

You are not weird. You are not dumb. You are not lazy. It’s not too late.

You do not lack ambition, the right opportunity, the resources, the space, the time, the tools, or the talent.

The fact of the matter is this: you are really important and there are some things we need you to do, and it’s about time we all figure this out together.


I’m happy to be a human being. We’ve come a long way, and we’re still here. Human intellect is great, because as our minds evolve throughout our lifetime we begin to see patterns emerge and so we start to categorize people, places, experiences, and dreams – which is how we learn.

I’ve learned that I need to start writing in the morning before I start talking, that sometimes you just need to get out of town for a bit, and that no one cares how often you think about them unless you tell them every once in awhile.

But as a society, we often use our minds to dig further into a rhythm of life that has temporary value. We like our stuff and prefer to have as much or more stuff than those around us, and we compare our stuff often and unfairly.

This dynamic has led you and I to believe some ideas that aren’t true about ourselves, and things need to change for us. Here are two really valuable lessons I’ve learned from the way I’ve used my mind to preserve and compare my stuff.


1) Every single human who has ever lived has a completely unique design and purpose. You cannot predict what someone was made to do and be.

Each one of us, though there are recognizable patterns of behavior, is a 100% non-category. Every time we try to fit a human, including ourselves, into a category, we do all of mankind a disservice. We affirm suppositions and point each other to a trajectory that was unintended, and in many cases, all wrong.

We aren’t doing this to be manipulative or cause harm, we’re all just confused and scared and maybe were never taught any better, and who can blame us? Life is complicated. But eventually most of us learn what’s truly valuable, and it’s time to step out of the limitations of what you’ve seen and heard, and be you.


2) The best territory I’ve walked in is uncharted. While we all learn life principles based on our experiences, we wrongly apply them to situations that stabilize or further commit us to categories or patterns that detract from our created purpose.

The reality is this: tangible things can do little to assure your future. Ask a tornado victim, a wounded veteran, a CEO who’s been laid-off after decades of service, a 50-year-old bachelor, most college graduates with tens of thousands of dollars of loan debt, or 99.9% of lottery ticket-purchasers.

The only thing that’s certain is that things are uncertain. The earlier in life we understand that we have a unique purpose and it has very little to do with what most people (including ourselves) perceive as our purpose, the sooner we can get to work on the things that matter.


I’m suggesting that we stop assuming and quit projecting, and we start reacting to what makes us come alive, surrounding ourselves with people who make us more of who we could be, not who we were told we are. I’m done with believing what someone else tells me is important, so I’m diving head-first into what my heart keeps telling me.

Sure, look at patterns and learn principles. But use them to seek people and projects that have value and impact that’s bigger than you. Start doing that today, because there will always be an excuse or a naysayer or a good show to watch – and your destiny is more important than that. Come on.

You can quit being frustrated, unfulfilled, discontent, tired, afraid, full of doubt, regret, shame, and anxiety. We were all there, and we go there again when we lose focus. But we’re here now, and you’re invited into this.

No promise of success. No assurance of ease. But this life is good and you were made for it. Take a leap of faith and…

Just be yourself. Like you were meant to be. We're waiting here with open arms.