(Relatively) New Year's Resolution

Most of you are receiving this because you signed up to receive updates about a podcast called "Life In This Future." Some good news/bad news:

I could go on about how much time we spent producing the first episodes of the podcast, why they weren't quite right, and the reason it's taken so long to even share that with you.

But instead, I'm going to tell you that I believe there are false starts that shouldn't stop you, that the slick perfect endings and beginnings we envision are usually more of a blurred line than a blank slate, and that moving forward with what you have right now, as little or fragile as it may be, sums up the ethos of Life In This Future pretty damn well. It's time to start somewhere, and I'm speaking to all of us. But mostly me.

Until there's more, I'll occasionally share some things you might find interesting and keep working behind the scenes to make other content worth sharing. So here we go:

A creative reminder from our friend Matthew Hoffman about your current status (currently sold out). 

Ever wonder what happens to zoo animals in cold weather? So did this woman.

I like a pretty wide variety of music, and I'm a more or less a kid from the 90's. There's something fun & nostalgic about the "classic jams" they're playing on the radio at 104.3 in Chicago right now. And here's a Pandora station I've been obsessed with for a few years in honor of the genre.

What people will be doing this year. 5 headlining trends from a 200-page report full of predictions about life, work, and technology to watch for in 2018.

If you're into this sort of thing, let me know and/or share some specific feedback on any of this here and I'll know what you are looking for down the road.

Here's to baby steps, real life, and aiming for consistent drips over big splashes.

*special thanks to Matthew Jorgensen for our brilliant logo design

Photo Courtesy Matthew Hoffman

Photo Courtesy Matthew Hoffman